Why did you do this?
I work downtown and spend my lunch break walking around watching people walk. I also love stop-motion animation. By turning people walking into animations they become characters in a side-scrolling platform game. They become their walk.
What is the process?
I shoot the video on my iPhone then import the frames into Photoshop using 'Video Frames To Layers'. Then I align all of the frames and clean up the background. Output as stills and that's it. Super low tech.
Do you make money doing this?
No. It's ART. Geez.
Your code sucks.
I know, if you want to help out, email me.
Are you a dot-commer.
Is Google going to buy this for a billion dollars?
My lawyer advises me not to answer that question.
I have a way that you could make this way cooler.
I'm all ears, let me know what's up.
Can you do one of these of me?
Yes, meet me at the Ferry Building at noon.
Why don't you have an API?
I'm working on it. Ok, no I'm not.